Sun after 50 hours of snow

The sun finally came through late, Tuesday morning after it had been snowing for more than 50 hours – since Saturday evening!
The day started out snowing, with poor visibility, and the mountains and the sky was one big whiteout.

Tignes Val Claret from
Around 10.30-ish the sky suddenly cleared up, and the day very quickly turned into a fantastic bluebird 😀

The temperature arose throughout the first part of the day and ended around 10°C in the mid afternoon, before the sky slowly re-closed with a thin high-flying milky blur…


The snow was nice and cold – though, due to the windy conditions of the snowstorm, not as fluffy as one could have wished for.
Some places the new snow cracked and slid in plates, and the difference in snow density between the old and new snow was very evident!!

My day started out watching and watching the mountain, awaiting the announced clear up – the weather really wasn’t inviting for doing anything on the mountain…
After a long breakfast with the e-newspaper 🙂 I went down to Skimium Precision ski shop in Val Claret, where I borrowed some backcountry skis. I chose to try out their Zag ski – a French ski mark I’m not familiar with.

I only reached a few hours of skiing the fresh and deep powder under the royal-blue and sunny sky, before closed back in to a sad flat light…
Of course I brought out the GoPro cameras, and a few self-portrayed shots were quite nice 😉

See the pics below 😀
Video will come later – in the mean time you can also enjoy the video from January 2013 – also from Tignes / Val d’Isère 😉


Tomas Lollike riding in Tignes 2013

Tomas Lollike GoPro-riding in Tignes and Val d’Isère in early January 2013 🙂

Lots of thanks to Playground for provideing Armada Skis and GoPro3 Black cameras 😀

Margot Roziès wins the Freeride World Tour in Kirkwood

Margot Roziès won the FWT in Kirkwood

Margot Rozies

Margot Roziès won the Freeride World Tour Event 2013 in Kirkwood (California, USA) on the ladies 3rd stop of the FWT circuit out of 5.
The French snowboarder was runner up last year, and takes her fist win of the season – with a 64 points ride.
She was happy to finally nail the gold after ending second 2 times in Revelstoke and Chamonix!
She dominates Elodie Mouthon (FRA) and Shannan Yates (USA).
Margot is now the leader of the women’s Snowboard Freeride World Tour rankings before heading to Fieberbrunn (Austria) and the finals in Verbier (Switzerland) on 23rd March 2013.

6 FWQ competitions in Verbier in January!

Freeride World Qualifier

6 Freeride World Qualifier competitions in Verbier in January

Come to Verbier between 14 and 20 January to participate in a full week of Freeride World Qualifier contests!

The highlight of the 2013 FWQ competition season is most probably the Verbier Qualifier Week organized by the Freeride World Tour between 14 and 20 January 2013.

This full week of freeskiing competitions will allow amateur freeriders the possibility to enter the FWQ ranking and seeding lists and to score 3 FWQ results – all in one week!

The Verbier Freeride Week is there to provide a solution to the growing demand.
6 competitions over 7 days will be organized – riders who subscribe for the full week will get a priority – even those who has never scored any FWQ points before.

Riders will be able to enter a maximum of 3 events;
either Monday, Wednesday and Saturday or Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The spots not used by riders attending to the whole week, will be distributed as usual, using the seeding list, for riders willing to enter in only one or two events.

There will be 100 spots per competition day.
The entry fee is 80 € per competition (277 € for the full week) including ski pass and the evacuation insurance.

For those interested, accommodation at the below situated village Le Châble is as low as CHF 50.- including breakfast.

The events will unfold on faces in the whole Verbier St-Bernard destination, in resorts such as Verbier, Bruson, La Tsoumaz and Vichères.

Skis and snowboards will be available for testing during the week, with more than 10 different brands participating.

As riders will be competing only every second day, animations and parties are being organized every day!

Registrations are now open on

Fabien Lienard

Freeride World Qualifier sponsors

Coreupt declared bankrupt

Coreupt, the French ski company specializing in freeride skis and accessories, was liquidated in October 2012 😡

It was founded by former World Freeride Champion, Guerlain Chicherit, in 2008, and the brand expanded fast to reach annual sales of about € 1.3 million and only twelve employees.
As business grew fast, Coreupt was unable to finance its growing business, and in May 2012, Coreupt was filled for bankruptcy… 🙁

The managing team spent the summer searching for new investors to breathe fresh life into the company.
However, the negotiantions failed and in October 2012, Coreupt was pronounced in compulsory liquidation by the commercial tribunal in Chambéry…

On the short terme it basically means the company will stop designing new skis and accessories.
The Coreupt Team Riders, Kevin Rolland, Justin Dorey, JF Houle etc. are now free of their contracts – so it will surely be interesting to follow which new paths they’ll follow!

Commercial Manager, Pierre Gjurasevic, has earlier told that the season 2012/13 was prepared last spring, and that the already produced skis would still to be sold in the shops this winter.
Although their important sales channel is currently down, we expect to see Coreupt skis a little while yet! 🙂

Managers are still trying get the brand sold to other ski companies, and a small range has been prepared for especially this purpose!

If even this fails, the company will probably be forced to selling everything it owns in order to pay its taxes as well as suppliers…

Hopefully this isn’t the last news we get from Coreupt!!

Guerlain Chicherit and Coreupt

Four times World Freeskiing Champion, Guerlain Chicherit – founder of Coreupt

Ny fælles Freeride World Tour!

Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face Swatch Freeride World Tour, Freeskiing World Tour og The North Face Masters of Snowboarding har netop offentligtgjort, at de tre tours fusionerer til en fælles global championship serie.

Den nye world tour får navnet Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face og vil have freeskiing og snowboarding ved alle begivenheder!

De fleste stop på turen er fundet, og vi kan glæde os til at følge med i Revelstoke (BC, Canada), Chamonix (Frankrig), Kirkwood (CA, USA), Fieberbrunn Pillerseetal (Østrig).
Endnu en europæisk begivenhed mangler at blive bekræftet, inden der (som traditionelt hos Swatch Freeride World Tour) afsluttes med finalerne i Verbier (Schweiz) sidst i marts 2013.

Her er kalenderen:
1. Revelstoke (BC, CAN) 7-12 jan 2013
2. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (FRA) 26 jan – 1 feb 2013
3. Kirkwood (CA, USA) 27 feb – 3 mar 2013
4. Fieberbrunn Pillerseetal (AUT) 9 mar – 15 mar 2013
5. Stop No5 in Europe – Location To Be Confirmed
6. Verbier Xtreme (SUI) 23 mar – 31 mar 2013

“Foreningen af de tre tours er et stort skridt i sportens udbredelse.” siger Nicolas Hale-Woods (Freeride World Tour Managing Director Europe). “Ikke kun på World Tour (FWT) niveau, men også til kvalifikationen med events i New Zealand, Nord- og Sydamerika og Europa. Alle kommer til at tælle i en fælles Freeride World Qualifiers (FWQ) ranking, hvilket gør atleter fra alle active områder i stand til at kvalificere sig til næste års Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face.”

“Big mountain freeriding har en lang og rig historie med utrolig talentfulde atleter fra hele verden,” siger Adam Comey (Mountain Sports International President og Freeride World Tour Managing Director Americas). “Nu hvor to store brands som Swatch og The North Face samt to dedikerede arrangører i Europa og Nordamerika ser fremtiden for freeride skiing og snowboarding særdeles lovende ud.”

Startlisterne i 2013 vil have kvalificerede atleter med fra alle tre 2012 tours, ligesom der også vil være atleter med fra 4-star events.
Derudover vil der være et begrænset antal wild cards fra begge kontinenter.

“Sammenlægningen af de to ski tours er et stort skridt for vores sport.” siger 2012 Swatch Freeride World Tour Champion Reine Barkered fra Sverige. “Det vil skabe endnu mere opmærksomhed verden over. Selv ser jeg frem til en vild sæson med mange nye ansigter.”

Freeride World Qualifiers 2013Udover 5-Stars Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face vil der være omkring 40 kvalifikations-events rundt omkring i verden rangerende fra 1 til 4-Stars, så den store talentmasse kan score point til næste års FWT. Første event finder sted i New Zealand i Chile nu i August 2012.
Atleter vil score point inden for to forskellige rankings, en 5-Stars FWT ranking og en 1 to 4-Stars FWQ ranking.

The North Face er hovedsponsor for den nydannede Freeride World Tour.
“Siden 1980erne har The North Face været en af frontløberne inden for skisport med vores tekniske udstyr og førende atleter, eksempelvis Scott Schmidt og Jim Zellers allerede for 25 år siden. Med inspiration fra vores hold til seneste Freeride World Tour – Giulia Monego, Janette Hargin og Xavier De Le Rue – vi vil fortsætte vores store engagement i fremtidens freeriding.” siger Eric Pansier (VP Marketing EMEA The North Face).

Freeride World Tour 2013 by The North Face teaser

La Face Ouest / Face West – Aiguille de Péclet (3.561 m / 11,683 ft)

Face Ouest / Face West - Aguille de Péclet

Val Thorens and Face Ouest (Face West)

Billed as the finest descent on the massif by the Companie des Guides de Val Thorens, the Face Ouest (Face West) is not lacking arguments.

This immense slope, never extreme, leaving the summit of the Aiguille de Péclet, tempts all who gaze at it. A true monument, the Face Ouest fascinates throughout the season – from an ephemeral pink in January to the flaming orange of a spring sunset – it truly crowns the entire massif.

It is the route which requires the longest approach, but it is also the most popular.

For the descent, an embarrassing alternative; large freeskier curves, exploiting the width of the face, or short turns – infinitely even?

With the snow feather-light on top of a hard smooth base, the Face Ouest is always in condition, ensuring the descent of the week, year, century 😀


From the “intersection” head due north, passing to the right of the rocky spur bordering the cirque du Roc des Saint Peres. Pass the base of the rock-ridge leading to the Aiguille de Péclet; long, rising “flat” hill. At the back of the glacier, the ridge running from the Aiguille de Péclet to the Col de Gébroulaz curves – go towards the lower point in the middle of this snowy ridge.

At the foot of the steep snow-slope leading to the ridge – two choices;

  • Either climb this slope strait up, and follow the ridge to the left, leading to the summit (150 m easy mixed).
    Exposed route, overhanging the glacier de Gébroulaz to the right.
  • Or, if conditions permit, climb diagonally left, about 100 m before arriving at the foot of the ridge – a steep slope, but without rocks – leading directly to the summit. Much faster – between 1-2 hours in total!
Route to Aiguille de Péclet

Route to Aiguille de Péclet


Facing Val Thorens either;­

  • Descent towards the square breach to the right (easily visible from Val Thorens); 20 m of mixed ground (delicate).
    On foot or skis according to the conditions.
  • Or follow the ridge several meters to the left, where a short (20 m) couloir lets one reach the Face Ouest on skis.

The slope is even (35 degrees) for nearly 200 m then steepens (40-45 degrees).

Make a wide turn to the left of a rocky knob, where the slope is steepest (45 degrees) for about 100 meters, then head right a little and drop down, avoiding the terminal ice and crevasses to the left (steep and broken).

Bottom / Lower itineraries;

  • Gain the Christine piste, crossing toward the left, leading to Val Thorens – or the Moraine chairlift, if you’re go for another descent on the Péclet mountain 😀
  • Or keep right to cross the Tête Ronde piste descending between the piste and the Arête de Tête Ronde – this run leads almost down to Val Thorens with almost an extra 1000 m of vertical drop (easy)!

These lower itineraries are also recommended of finishing the Triangle and The Petite Face Nord.

Offpiste route of the year!

Face Ouest bowl from below

Tomas Lollike riding in Tignes and Val d’Isère 2012

Tomas Lollike GoPro-riding in Tignes and Val d’Isère in early January 2012 promotion video 2005

A small video made in 2005 to promote Travel Agency to large groups of young skiers and boarders in Denmark. – Freakshow (2000)

This is the follow up from 1999/2000 to the – The Ski Movie!
Also mainly recorded in Val Thorens and Tignes but with some shots from Chile too and with more riders and various sports.