Les couloirs des Saint Pères

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Various rutes of the Saint Pères couloirs in Val Thorens

At the southern end of the Arête de Péclet, l’Aiguille des Saint Pères (3.360 m) is the “spot” for couloir skiing. Easily distinguished by its twin summit, its highlights the massif.

From the Moraine and Col chairlifts, the Arête des Saint Pères shows its true dimensions, offering a jagged profile. Tempting route for an alpinist, but in winter the skier who enjoys the fine lines, is he who’s attracted the most. Watched from the chairlifts while mounting the Moraine and Col, the couloirs form a steep “Y”.

The right branch of the Y (when watching from below) is fascinating by its verticality, seemingly truly suspended. Airy, exposed, this test piece is blessed with a great notoriety. To be attempted only by those sure of their standard and experience.

Common access for the three couloirs:

From top of the Col chairlift follow the marked slope down to the left passing the restaurant (which is covered by snow to the roof when not open) onto the flat (where the marked slope turns 90 degrees left). From there; skis off and climb up the Glacier de Chavière heading due north. At the start, make a detour right to avoid eventual crevasses due to the glacial bulge at the col. After 500 m and 100 m of vertical gain, the slope comes to a level spot (intersection common to all routes on Péclet/Polset). Head squarely left. L’Aiguille des Saint Pères, of a milder aspect from this side, is easily visible at 250 m (false-flat).

Description of the Right Couloir of Saint Pères

Description of the Left Couloir of Saint Pères

Description of the Third Couloir of Saint Pères

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