Left couloir of Saint Pères

Copyright: Delle

Left branch of Saint Pères Couloirs in Val Thorens

More funnel-shaped up top, this couloir is technically more accessible. A little less elegant than the other one, this branch is sometimes the only one feasible in lean snow conditions. What’s more, if there is enough snow, a variant exists which, if rarely skied, remarks very interesting.

  • Vertical drop: 800 m to the intersection piste de la Moraine – piste Christine, including 350 m of couloir.
  • Aspect: West
  • Technical difficulty: Very difficult.
  • Engagement: Serious
  • Danger: Heavy price for slipping. Sluffs, windslab at the start.
  • Route: Obvious. For the variant, check for sufficient snow cover before launch.
  • Suitable period: All season according to snow cover.
  • Snowboard: For experts boarders sure to stay on their feet.
  • Itinerary: From the “intersection”, head left 250 m, then climb up the right of l’Aiguille des Saint Pères a steep snow-slope for 50 m (characteristic col). After descending 100 m (40-45 degrees), one rejoins the couloir des Sainte Pères or, holding height, leaving the couloir on the left, traverse right, reaching an almost horizontal snow arête. Skiing with care on this arête, one directly overlooks the junction of the two couloirs. These few meters “in the edge” always give a good thrill. After, drop down right (45 degrees), picking up the end of the left-hand couloir, then the Saint Pères.
  • Time: between 30-90 min, depending on the snow.

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